Sunday, June 26, 2011

Writing a Book


There was once a man who every so often showed up at a particular synagogue and made some nice acquaintances among the general membership. Though this was not his "regular synagogue", there were occasions when he was visiting the area and found it was convenient to attend.

On one of these visits, a member asked him, "What are you keeping busy with?"

"Oh, I'm writing a book" he causally responded.

On his next visit, several months later, he bumped into the same person and was asked "How's your book coming along?"

"Oh, just fine", he smiled.

Over the course of a year, he made several more visits.  With each visit a larger group grew around him, curiously inquiring about the development of his book. He deflected their inquiries with vague assurances that everything was developing as planned.

About a year and a half passed.  One morning, he found himself praying in the same synagogue again. After the prayers concluded, a by now impatient group gathered around him pleading "So, can we see your book already?"

To which the "author" pointed his finger heavenward and quoted from the Talmud, "All of our deeds are written in a book!"


(1) Your actions are in the midst of writing a more powerful story than your pen. Are you proud of how your story is turning out?

(2) People tend to be somehow more full of life in their "artistic moments" than in their daily "hum drum" activities. Their lives are sometimes sharply divided between creativity and responsibility. What this story is teaching is that every moment is ultimately an "artistic moment". One is not just writing a book when s/he's sitting in front of a word processor. One is writing a book with every moment of life. So fill every moment with life and celebration!


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